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What’s so special about our relationship with the farmers? It’s simple, really. Since we were so involved in the organic goji berry process, our expertise makes getting Goji Berries to you a 2-step process. AND, you have trace-ability with the food you’re eating – the Rich Nature customer knows where they got it from and who to hold accountable.

Rich Nature’s 2-step Process:

  • Step 1: Farming – When berries are ripe, they’re picked, dried*, and packed. Our farm is a CO-OP, which means it’s made of smaller farms all working for our goal.
  • Step 2: Exporting from China to Rich Nature – The packed berries are shipped directly to Rich Nature warehouses, or in some cases, directly to our customers! Our products are then packed locally and available for sale.

*A note about the drying process –Rich Nature uses Organically certified machinery to dry our berries.



If it’s natural and came from the earth, we want to know about it. Whether we’re working on supplements or the next super food treat, we want to know how it benefits our health and how it can then be incorporated into our daily diet without having to completely rethink the way we eat.