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What’s so special about our relationship with the farmers? It’s simple, really. Since we were so involved in the organic goji berry process, our expertise makes getting Goji Berries to you a 2-step process. AND, you have trace-ability with the food you’re eating – the Rich Nature customer knows where they got it from and who to hold accountable.

Rich Nature’s 2-step Process:

  • Step 1: Farming – When berries are ripe, they’re picked, dried, and packed. Our farm is a CO-OP, which means it’s made of smaller farms all working for our goal.
  • Step 2: Exporting from China to Rich Nature – The packed berries are shipped directly to Rich Nature warehouses, or in some cases, directly to our customers! Our products are then packed locally and available for sale.

Other Goji Berries re-sellers have up to 5-Steps

Since Goji Berries may be just one of hundreds of products other companies carry, there’s much less control over the quality of their Goji Berries. There is also much less trace-ability, which means if something goes wrong, who can the customer and retailers blame?

  • Step 1: Farming – The berries are picked, dried*, and packed. These may be individual farms each with their own business plan.
  • Step 2: Selling within China – It is very common for agricultural products to be sold within the city, region, or country. Farmers may sell their berries to buyers from local retail stores, restaurants, or export brokers / international distributors.
  • Step 3: International Distributors – Berries collected by regional or local buyers may turn around and sell these to International Distributors, who imports these berries into their country. Somewhere along the way the berries are packed, but at which point is unclear.
  • Step 4: Buyer – When the berries have reached the port of sale in the intended country (i.e. from China to the US) they may be sold from International Distributors to new Buyers (for retail outlets or worse, another distribution company).
  • Step 5: Retailer – Finally! The berries reach your store where you’ll be able to buy them.
  • No traceability – By the time the berries reach step 3, who knows where they came from, and much less who’s responsible in the event of a mistake.

* A note about the drying process – drying processes vary. Sometimes the term sun–dried is used literally: berries are laid under the sun on a tarp or sheet to dry out in the fields! Rich Nature uses Organically certified machinery to dry our berries.

The BIG difference: Our team flies to China to meet face to face with our farm managers and production personnel every year to ensure that the berries are in perfect health and up to OUR standards.

About the Farm

Rich Nature Goji Berries are produced in 500 acres of Organic farmland in Ningxia, China. Ningxia is where the berries have long been commercially cultivated for its superior quality, and to this day, still the most fertile and best area for Gold Standard Goji Berries.

Our farm complies with China’s Green Food Production Standards (no pollution!) and our berries are tested by independent labs in the US. This is an extra step to guarantee our products.

Rich Nature Promise – you’ll never get puny inferior berries with Rich Nature. We believe that you truly get what you pay for. Our berries are large, they’re sweet, they’re delicious, and most of all, they’re packed with nutrients.

Sometimes, size does matter.

About the Brand

Rich Nature is a direct to consumer brand whose mission is to bring super fruits directly to you. By eliminating the middle process, we’re able to improve the workings of our company, our brand, and our products.

The Story.


Rich Nature was officially founded with just 200 pounds of Goji berries in our warehouse. Being one of the first (if not the first – it is disputed among many other companies who claim to be the first) company to import goji berries directly, we knew there was a gem of a product sitting in our warehouse but no one (and we mean grocery stores) knew what to do with it.

As with any new small business, Rich Nature lacked the money it would have taken to completely educate all the customers on this precious super fruit. This was only the beginning, if not the prelude, to what we know as the Health and Organic Food Movement. Rich Nature sold those 200 pounds of Goji berries at a painstaking pace – once we took them to a trade show where people simply gawked at them. When a few buyers were intrigued enough to try them, we were told that “it tastes weird”.

But the founders never thought about giving up on Goji berries. They knew they had something great in their hands. They knew that once people realized how great these berries were, they might even one day become a normal household product.


It turned out that someone did take notice of our Goji berries, but it wasn’t the consumers. It was a multilevel marketing company who had other plans for goji berries – plans that included using the least amount of goji berries to make the most profit in a “goji juice”. This company and many others (later down the road) approached Rich Nature hoping for some kind of business relationship but we turned them down. We didn’t want to get involved with diluting the product for profits. We were proud of our Goji berries. People deserved the real thing.

2000 – Present

A lot has happened in the past 12+ years. We grew, expanded our customer base, and now get to work with people who believe in the same things we do. They believe in quality, in food education, and possess passion for their products and customers.We can’t ask for more than that. We can’t ask for more than YOU.

If you don’t see Rich Nature products in your grocery store, don’t fret. A large part of our business is providing other brands with our raw materials. You may be eating our product right now.

Rich Nature’s mission is to provide customers with primarily Raw, Functional, Health, mostly Organic, and always Delicious Food – all from natural sources with health benefits. Rich Nature’s whole berry products will never contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or synthetic ingredients. From time to time we’ll make seasonal products and work with different co-packers. We may have less control over the ingredients for these small production items.


If it’s natural and came from the earth, we want to know about it. Whether we’re working on supplements or the next super food treat, we want to know how it benefits our health and how it can then be incorporated into our daily diet without having to completely rethink the way we eat.