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Organic White Mulberries
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  • Organic White Mulberries
  • Organic White Mulberries
  • Organic White Mulberries
  • Organic Mulberries

Organic White Mulberries

Dr Oz recommends this product for Pre-diabetes, controlling sugar and fights cholesterol and heart disease.

5.8 Oz / 160 grams

What It Is

White Mulberries (Morus Alba), belonging to the Moraceae family and originates in Asia, Turkey, and the Middle East.

They are heavily cultivated in Asia for silk production (sericulture), as they are the sole food source for silk worms.There are many species of Mulberries, but Rich Nature’s sweet, white Mulberries are of the Morus Alba species from Turkey.

The tree has a short life span and grows fast. The fruit is a multiple-fruit since each berry is comprised of small clusters of buds.

They are naturally sweet, chewy, multi-seeded clusters of vanilla scented goodness.

Health Benefits

Free Radicals Fighting Abilities

Compared to other types of Mulberries (including lack Mulberries), studies show that white Mulberries (Morus Alba) contain the highest overall amount of phenols. White Mulberries contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Niacin, Iron, and Zinc. Among these nutrients, the most predominant is Potassium (K), the Calcium, Niacin, and Magnesium.

Studies also show that White Mulberries (Morus Alba) contain the highest free radical scavenging capabilities. Free radicals are harmful molecules that contribute to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and aging.

White Mulberries also contain Resveratrol, a phenol that’s produced when your body is under attack, such as bacteria for fungi. Many studies suggest that a diet balanced with Resveratrol may help you live longer and healthier while looking younger!

Low Glycemic

Several studies show that Mulberry leaves and White Mulberries have proven to aid in a healthier diet for Diabetics, and since they’re naturally sweet, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your body.

Anti-Aging properties

Scientists have found, among other antioxidants, a Flavonoid called Quercetin in white Mulberries. You may have seen Quercetin on major cosmetic brand labels for anti-aging moisturizers and serums. Quercetin is not just a beauty product – it’s also considered a nutritional supplement that is said to support the immune system, reduce allergies and support bone health. Most of all studies prove that it is best absorbed when consumed (versus applied topically onto skin).

History & Ancient Uses

Mulberries were brought over from China to Turkey during the silk trade because their leaves were (and remain) the primary source of food for silk worms.

Mulberries and their leaves have long been used in traditional and folk medicine for various conditions, including fatigue, anemia, and diabetes. They have always been valued for their antioxidant benefits.

Mulberries Today

Recent studies show that Mulberries contain polyphenols (normally found in grapes and red wine), flavonoids, anthocyanins, alkaloids, and resveratrol. White Mulberries are the sweetest and contain the most phenols among the various Mulberry species.

Fun Fact!

Mulberries pollinate rather quickly – launched at half the speed of sound (approximately 350 mph)!