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Pomegranate Powder Super Fruit Popsicles


It’s hot, and all you can think about is ice cream or Popsicles. Our first instinct is to get in our car, drive to the nearest store, and buy a family sized bag of Popsicles, but did you know that it’s made up almost entirely of sugar? It doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t have to be complicated either. The beautiful thing about Popsicles is that as long as they’re delicious and frozen, we’ll be happy. But now, we can be healthy too.

Our Pomegranate Powders are made from 100% natural Pomegranate juice and has a naturally sweet flavor that’s both versatile and delicious. Plus, this recipe is made of three ingredients, and one of them is water.

You’ll need some Popsicle Molds: We opted for funky “Japanese Popsicle Molds” from Amazon.


Makes 4 Popsicles (depending on your mold size)


  1. Mix in the Pomegranate Powder with water, then mix in the Goji Berries.
  2. Pour into molds
  3. Freeze until solid, then serve!

Tip: If you do end up getting the same molds, you’ll want to run the outside under hot water for a few seconds, wiggle the individual molds, and carefully remove the Popsicles, kind of like an ice tray.