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Super Fruit Morning Granola

We call this the big three – healthy, yummy,

and fast!

Make a big batch of this on Sunday and eat it throughout the week. All you need is milk or a little container to eat it on the go. You don’t even need to make your own granola, but we highly recommend it because now you can control the ingredients and their quality. If you’re looking for big clumps found in commercial granola, you won’t find it here – here, we have small clumps made with waayy less sugar!

Serves 2



Preheat oven to 325

Crush the Mulberries so that the seeds separate into smaller, individual seeds

Put them aside in a bowl with the Blueberries, Organic Goji, and chocolate chips.

Combine all other ingredients into bowl. When pouring maple syrup, do so slowly and mix gently. You do not want to crush the rolled oats.

Line a baking sheet or baking pan with foil, spread the granola evenly, bake for about 30 minutes or until golden brown. Make sure you don’t burn them, so a little turning in the middle of the process is helpful.

Take out and cool. When it is cooled, add the berries and chocolate chips.

Eat, store, eat some more!