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Obsessed with the Goji berry? It’s OK, we totally understand – that’s why we made so many products out of it, from a snack to a supplement, you’ve got choices.

  • Organic Goji Berries

    Organic Goji Berries

    BACK IN STOCK! The King of Super fruits is back and he's fiercer than ever. Get our premium, Organic, plump and chewy Goji berries before we run out again. Your body will thank you.

    $10.9 - $164.8
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  • 100% Natural Goji Powder

    100% Natural Goji Powder

    The King of Super fruits now comes in a smoothie friendly powder that's sure to help you cool off in these hot summer months! Completely soluble, you can add it to water to make pure Organic Goji Juice, mix in your sorbets, yogurt, or ice cream for a butt kicking antioxidant punch.

    $12.9 - $12.95
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  • W-LBP (Goji Powder Capsules)

    W-LBP (Goji Powder Capsules)

    W-LBP is our ultra concentrated 500mg capsule that contains major Goji Power. This capsule is designed to boost immune function, decrease inflammation, and improve eye health. In recent studies goji berries proved to enhance psychological health improved mental acuity as well as better sleep and more natural energy.

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  • Book


    The founders of Rich Nature & "Berry Doctor" Paul Gross has written an extensive book on the nutrients and phytochemicals of Goji, otherwise known as Wolfberry.

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  • SuperPack - Golden, Goji, Mulberries

    SuperPack – Golden, Goji, Mulberries

    Get all three of your favorite Super fruits in easy click. Golden berries, Goji Berries, and Mulberries. All certified Organic, are Vegan, Raw, and Gluten Free.

    $32.2 - $32.25
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  • PowerMix - potent mix of Goji, Golden, and Mulberries 227g, 8 Oz

    PowerMix – potent mix of Goji, Golden, and Mulberries 227g, 8 Oz

    Nicknamed as the BeautyBag, this PowerMix is a source of the best, most potent super fruits on the market. In this super pack you'll be getting a heavy dose of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for skin, immune, and muscle health. Virtually fat free (1% o good fats), sugar free and low carb, this mix serves as both a snack and a mini meal.

    $3.7 - $12.9
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  • ChocolateMix - PowerMix + Dark Chocolate 227g, 8 Oz

    ChocolateMix – PowerMix + Dark Chocolate 227g, 8 Oz

    This ChocolateMix contains our super powerful super fruits: goji berries, golden berries AND our dark chocolate goji and golden berries. Our dark chocolate goji berries are made from a 100+ year old recipe by a gourmet chocolatier in historic Seattle. This mix is the perfect balance between a little indulgence and a LOT of nutrients.

    $3.4 - $12.9
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