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Functional foods to improve your life!

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Super fruit powders this healthy yet delicious, it’s addictive! Our sinfully good, wholesome, natural powders are versatile enough for everyday use. Your body needs it!

  • 100% Natural Yumberry Powder

    100% Natural Yumberry Powder

    With a name that starts with the word Yum, you'd think this berry is made for children. Don't let it's cute name fool you. Yumberries are a super fruit high in Oligomeric proanthocyanidins that may aid in better digestion, lower LDL Cholesterol, strengthens collagen and Elastin for anti-aging benefits, and fights inflammation (to prevent related diseases such as arthritis).

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  • 100% Natural Wild Crafted Seabuckthorn Powder

    100% Natural Wild Crafted Seabuckthorn Powder

    You've heard Dr. Oz go on and on about Seabuckthorn, but this berry deserves even more credit than it's gotten. With just 10 calories per serving, this powder will help you glide through your day by giving you some antioxidant boost with Vitamins E & C, or add a splash or tartness to your bitter but yummy pomegranate juice.

    $6.9 - $15.95
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